Everyday mindfulness

As I have been going through my own well-being journey over the last 3 months, I have been more intentional about practicing mindfulness. This practice helps us train ourselves to be present in the moment that we’re in, so that we can fully experience life in that particular moment, and drown out unwelcome thoughts thatContinue reading “Everyday mindfulness”

Dating against a timeline

Watching season 2 of Indian Matchmaking on Netflix got me thinking about some of the issues that we face while dating in our twenties, but also the fact that particularly in Asian culture there is this constant pressure to be married once you’ve graduated university and have a job. And when I look back onContinue reading “Dating against a timeline”

Why should we care?

It’s winter in New Zealand and just about every man and his dog has turned up to the clinic with some type of cough, runny nose or sore throat virus. And I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out by it. And I’m sure other doctors are feeling the same. And admittedly, it’s harder to careContinue reading “Why should we care?”

Why banning abortion makes no sense

There has been a lot of outrage given the recent reversal of Roe vs Wade by the U.S Supreme Court. If you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard about it, basically in a nutshell: this ruling protected a woman’s reproductive right to have an abortion. This has now been overturned. This hasContinue reading “Why banning abortion makes no sense”

Reframing our rejection

I have to preface this post by saying that I write this mainly about situations where someone’s dislike of me is unwarranted. There will definitely be some people out there who don’t like me for very good reasons. Maybe I offended them, or there was a misunderstanding that was never addressed. To those people, I’mContinue reading “Reframing our rejection”

Why I find travelling difficult

This is without a doubt a first world problem of mine. Could it be slightly tone-deaf? Yes. But also no because I don’t even know who reads this. In any case this is a disclaimer that I know how privileged I am and I’m just writing about how I feel, unfiltered. Now that the bordersContinue reading “Why I find travelling difficult”

How accountability is key

Okay so how has six months of the year gone by so quickly? It’s scary how fast the days pass you by. But nevertheless it’s been half a year of journeying with patients and simultaneously working on myself. Accountability is the word that comes to mind when I think about what is necessary for growth;Continue reading “How accountability is key”

The unnecessary death

Part of my job as a doctor involves routinely asking people how much alcohol they drink and whether they smoke. People reluctantly tell me that they drink heavily, or binge drink. But before they do, they pause for a second and hesitate, as if they are wondering if they should answer the question or not.Continue reading “The unnecessary death”

Reflections on reflecting

It’s been almost two months now since I started this blog. And it’s been even more therapeutic than I ever imagined it could be. If I’m being completely honest, whenever I would see a mental-health consultation show up on my schedule for the day, my heart would sink a little. I would feel anxious thinkingContinue reading “Reflections on reflecting”

How to deal with grief and other feelings

When my grandpa died a few months ago, peacefully in his own home and in the presence of his family, I was sadder than I expected to be. For weeks I would randomly burst into tears and I didn’t understand why. He had what I would have considered a ‘good death’ so I didn’t knowContinue reading “How to deal with grief and other feelings”