How do I keep going?

Over these last few weeks I’ve met so many patients who have come to see me to discuss their mental-health. And honestly I am so drained. Now I don’t say that to be rude or dismissive of these patients at all. I actually find these consultations the most rewarding because I feel like it’s anContinue reading “How do I keep going?”


How to be grateful

Funnily enough my gratitude comes about when I consider taking a mental health day. I’ll be the first person to sign off a medical certificate for someone who needs a mental health day. Honestly, if someone is going through hell, then I feel like that’s the least that I can do for them. But whenContinue reading “How to be grateful”

How can I be beautiful?

Yesterday we spent the day with my husband’s family for Easter. Our 5 year old niece was full of energy and needed a brief sit-down distraction, so my husband showed her our wedding photos on his phone. She brought his phone over to me and swiped through a few photos of me getting ready onContinue reading “How can I be beautiful?”

How do I live a full life?

This week I met a 100 year old patient. Apart from needing to use a walking frame to get around, she was in great condition. Her mind was sharp, and physically she could still do a lot for herself: cooking, showering, making the bed. And she told me all of this with great, unreserved pride.Continue reading “How do I live a full life?”