About Me

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Rebecca.

I work as a Doctor (in Primary Care) from 9-5 and then I revert to being a potato after hours. My parents were refugees from Cambodia but I have never been there- I grew up in and still live and work in South Auckland, New Zealand. You can read more about my story here.

My inspiration for this blog is twofold: my own wellness journey as well as my patients. Being entrusted with the vulnerability and raw emotions that acccompany the human experience of illness is a privilege that I don’t take lightly. As a doctor, it is nice to feel like I am helping people in some way, but I think that equally my patients help me too. Everyday I learn more and more about life, relationships, resilience, gratitude, grief, and mental well-being from them. This is my creative outlet to reflect on my learnings from the patients I encounter, as well as my observations in life.

Disclaimer: while most of my writing is inspired by my patients, the focus of my reflections are not so much on the patient and the details of their life, but rather on how they inspired me or what I learned from my interaction with them. Therefore by omitting details about the patients themselves or referring to them only in general terms, I protect the anonymity of my patients. Please contact me if you have any concerns about any of my writing that may expose a patient’s identity.

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