A holiday feeling

As the prospect of being on holiday inches closer to reality, the topic of where we are going has become a frequent part of our conversations. And the people who are part of these conversations become a captive audience to my spiel about why Singapore is my favourite country to visit. So here I go:Continue reading “A holiday feeling”

Everyday mindfulness

As I have been going through my own well-being journey over the last 3 months, I have been more intentional about practicing mindfulness. This practice helps us train ourselves to be present in the moment that we’re in, so that we can fully experience life in that particular moment, and drown out unwelcome thoughts thatContinue reading “Everyday mindfulness”

The root of disappointment

I think one of the worst, non-life threatening, non-trauma inducing feelings that a person can experience is disappointment. And we’ve all experienced it. But it’s those unspoken moments of disappointment that overtime stir change upon change and I guess contributes to building character. You know, the little disappointments that aren’t a big enough deal toContinue reading “The root of disappointment”


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Hello there.

I’m Rebecca. I work as a Family Doctor. I was born in Auckland New Zealand and still live here. My parents were refugees from Cambodia. I write as a way to reflect on what I’ve learnt from my patients and my experiences in life. Thanks for reading my blog, I hope you get something positive out of it.

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